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Energy-efficient - Energy-efficient housing

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Energy-efficiency is currently a very important issue in housing construction. The new type of housing described as energy-efficient makes it possible to achieve high thermal comfort and a reduction of energy usage, i.e. building maintenance costs. In recent years the investors’ awareness in this area has increased significantly, and energy-efficient houses are becoming more and more popular in Poland, as well as around the world.

Energy-efficient buildings are ones that use 25 to 50% less energy compared to buildings which meet the requirements of current regulations. The buildings’ requirement for thermal energy is defined by the EA coefficient, namely the seasonal heat requirement expressed in kWh/m²/year. In traditional housing which meets the current norms the use of energy is approximately 120 kWh/m²/year, while in the case of energy-efficient houses it varies between 30 to 70 kWh/m²/year.

The timber frame technology offered by DREWMAR is undoubtedly the best solution for modern, energy-efficient housing. This stems from the fact, that walls of houses built in this technology are entirely filled with insulators characterized by high thermal parameters. Walls constitute a neutral barrier and do not accumulate thermal energy from the building’s exterior, nor its interior.

The thermal insulating power of exterior walls in the technology offered by us is U = 0,15 [W/m²K]. Such a heat transfer coefficient meets the requirements for exterior walls in passive housing.

Compared to passive housing, an energy-efficient house does not have to meet many strict conditions in terms of its structural shape and location. The energy-efficient housing technology is sure to bring significant savings in the areas associated with the building’s maintenance.

It should be noted, that an energy-efficient house can be equipped with any heating system and will provide satisfactory results in every case.

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