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domy mieszkalne bielsko-biała Residential Houses

While designing our houses we primarily focused on utility and low construction costs. Our offer includes one-storey houses, as well as loft houses.

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The new type of housing commonly known as energy-efficient housing makes it possible to achieve high thermal comfort while also reducing energy consumption, which results in lower maintenance costs.

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The wooden houses built using frame technology are a guarantee of lower execution costs compared to buildings made from other resources, as well as ensure lower maintenance costs.

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Thanks to state-of-the-art production and assembly techniques used by our company, we are able to carry out any undertaking in a short time.


EXPERIENCE - We deal in the construction of energy-efficient houses built using wood framing technology and masonry houses since the year 1996. Our team of specialized experts guarantees high quality and professionalism. We carry out investments all over the country, as well as abroad.

HIGH QUALITY - In the houses built by our company we use the highest quality KVH structural timber imported from Germany and Austria. This product was designed specifically to meet the requirements of timber frame building with defined quality criteria. The KVH timber frame houses constructed by us are a guarantee of reliability, serving their users for many long years while fully maintaining their properties and functionality. We provide our customers with comprehensive consulting at every stage of the investment.

FLEXIBLE OFFER - Our offer includes the construction of single and multifamily residential houses, summer cabins, recreational homes, utility buildings incorporating wood frame technology, as well as the so called “traditional”, masonry technology. We carry out finished company designs, as well as individual designs provided by the customer. We offer houses finished in three variants: raw state, building shell state, and in developer finished shell units (with or without installations), as well as on a turnkey basis (according to individual agreements with the customer).

ENERGY-EFFICIENCY - The houses offered by our company save even up to 60% of energy. The thermal insulating power of exterior walls in the technology offered by us is U = 0,15 [W/m²K]. This heat transfer ratio meets the requirements of passive housing in terms of exterior walls.

SHORT CONSTRUCTION TIME - Thanks to state-of-the-art production and assembly techniques we are able to carry out any undertaking in a short time. We build houses within 3-4 months.

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While designing our one-storey houses we primarily focused on their utility and low construction costs. As a result we managed to create a large and well-arranged space in these comparatively small houses.

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Passive Housing

Passive buildings are ones with the highest thermal comfort and extremely low thermal energy requirement (not exceeding 15 kWh/m2/year). The idea of passive housing is heating the interior with thermal energy created “passively”, i.e. from collected solar rays and the warmth generated by people and household equipment.

Construction of a passive house is associated with certain sacrifices and an increase in construction costs by approximately 35% compared to standard housing.


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